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Let This New Uada Track Fill Your Monday With Fog and Shadow


Let This New Uada Track Fill Your Monday With Fog and Shadow

If there’s one USBM band that I’d urge you keep your eye on these days, it’s Portland’s Uada. Their ability to hit that perfect black metal sweet spot between crushing strength and spooky atmosphere made their debut album Devoid of Light my 2016 Album of the Year.

Of course, Devoid was such an exciting album for me that I couldn’t help but wonder if it was just beginner’s luck, and whether or not Uada would fall prey to the dreaded sophomore slump. But on Friday, the band released a new song named “Cult of a Dying Sun,” the title track from their upcoming second album, and thankfully the song is as killer as the album’s cover above (God DAMN but that’s a tattooable cover). With eight minutes and change of necromantical screams, eldritch riffs, throttling drums, and a huge outro that will have heads banging in unison, this track is everything I want from Uada without feeling too much like more of the same.

Anyway, enough babbling. Check out “Cult of a Dying Sun” below. Cult of a Dying Sun drops May 25th via Eisenwald. Pre-orders start at the beginning of their European tour on 3/27, so keep your eyes on the band’s Facebook.

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