Jääportit Brings Us A Chilly New Album


Finnish solo artist Jääportit has been bringing us meticulously crafted atmospheric music since 1997. His fifth full-length album, which is self-titled, may not be brutal or in your face, but it sure as hell will freeze your tits off.

When it comes to ambient music, I can take it or leave it. If it has the power to drag me in without being distracting, great; if not, I won’t bother, and most of the time it falls into the latter category. This album is an exception – Jääportit is the prime example of what ambient music should sound like (in my very humble opinion). Yes, it’s slow and it’s repetitive, but if you listen closely there’s a great deal of nuance that makes the record into the masterpiece that it is. The fusion of melancholy guitars with subtle electronic sounds will sweep you away to a frozen Nordic landscape. As a fan of electronica myself, I’m blown away by Jääportit’s use of it; not once was I thrown off thinking, “Hmm, that sounds weird.” The record has been perfectly and masterfully composed; every synth, every effect, every filter is included with intent.

Jääportit is the ultimate playlist for laying in a pile of snow and contemplating life. If dark ambient music is your thing, give it a listen below ASAP. You can also buy the record here.

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