Burn the Priest (Lamb of God) Release Cover of The Accused “Inherit the Earth,” Covers Album Release Planned for May


Lamb of God have been dropping hints for a few days now involving Burn the Priest, the name of their band before they changed it to the Papyrus-adorned moniker we currently know them as in 1999. First there was a mysterious video, and then they shared what appeared to be a Burn the Priest show flyer.

Now we finally know where this is all going: the band just released a cover version The Accused’s “Inherit the Earth” under the Burn the Priest moniker, and the sleuths at Metal Injection have uncovered an Amazon listing for a Burn the Priest album called Legion: XX which contains ten mostly punk and hardcore covers. That would explain why this very same group of five men decided to resuscitate the “Burn the Priest” name: it makes sense in the context of going back to their punk roots.

Check out Burn the Priest’s cover of “Inherit the Earth” below, along with a track listing for Legion: XX, which comes out May 18th.

1. Inherit The Earth – originally performed by The Accused
2. Honey Bucket – originally performed by Melvins
3. Kerosene – originally performed by Big Black
4. Kill Yourself – originally performed by S.O.D.
5. I Against I – originally performed by Bad Brains
6. Axis Rot – originally performed by Sliang Laos
7. Jesus Built My Hotrod – originally performed by Ministry
8. One Voice – originally performed by Agnostic Front
9. Dine Alone – originally performed by Quicksand
10. We Gotta Know – originally performed by Cro-Mags

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