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Devin Townsend Has 100 Songs Prepared for Upcoming Projects, Recording Starts Tomorrow


After announcing that he’ll be taking a break from the Devin Townsend Project moniker to focus on other styles of music, it seems that Heavy Devy has a whole lot more new music in the can than the four albums he teased last fall. To be fair, that was a whole FIVE months ago, which in Devin-Time is like an eternity — he probably wrote an album’s worth of songs in the time it’s taken me to pen this paragraph.

According to a Twitter outburst early this morning, Devin’s got more than 100 song ideas sketched out in “different forms and styles,” including “orchestral, some metal, some rock, some prog, some bizzare, some funky, some pop, some electronic.” He’ll start recording tomorrow and plans to utilize a diverse cast of players, each uniquely suited for a specific role, in a variety of different recording locations. Someone named Morgan will play drums on at least some of that material; our best guess is Morgan Ågren, who played on Devin’s 2014 Casualties of Cool album and on whose solo album Devin appeared in 2015.

And that’s about all the info we have for now. Presumably — hopefully!! god willing — that $10 million symphony about dicks and vaginas is included in the 100 song tally.

Here’s the Twitter dump:

[via The PRP]

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