Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Celebrates #NeverAgain Leader Emma González as a “Hero”

  • Axl Rosenberg

To the surprise, I’m sure, of absolutely no one, Machine Head frontman and proud SJW Robb Flynn does not agree with Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes’ boneheaded assessment of the teenagers leading the #NeverAgain movement.

In a new Instagram post, Flynn praises Emma González, one of the survivors of February’s Parkland shooting and a #NeverAgain co-founder who has proven to be a particularly passionate and adept public speaker.

Says Flynn:

“Emma Gonzalez is my HERO!! She is a fucking BAD ASS!! I feel like we are watching history here folks. Never in my 50 years on this planet have I seen the young people rise up like this and stand up to these ancient politicians and their 200 year old laws and their dinosaur age mentality. Fuck man, It’s not 1776 anymore!!! If cars weren’t invented when a law was made, we may want to reevaluate it!! What’s amazing is that, Emma and her Stoneman Douglas classmates are getting death threats for standing for gun control. Let that sink in… 17 classmates murdered by a 19 year old white, conservative, Christian, male with an AR-15, these kids want stricter gun laws, and now, THEY are getting their lives threatened. This girl and the young people of Parkland are going to change shit.

“Do yourselves a favor, watch here entire 6 minute video, and then search the hashtag #veteransforguncontrol and watch the 2 minute video (currently not share-able) made by our courageous troops.”

As you’d probably guess, MetalSucks agrees with Robb’s categorization of Ms. González. If ever anyone exemplified the ways in which the stereotypes about millennials are BS, it’s her.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

[via The PRP]

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