Sparrow’s “Digital People” Keeps the ’90s Industrial Train Rolling


I haven’t been able to stop cranking Sparrow’s new EP Digital People ever since I got my hands on it. Following this post about their new track “Red,” their people reached out to me and sent me an advance promo… and hoooo boy, if you doubted my assertion that the ’90s industrial metal revival is now upon us, look no further than this young group of Australians right here.

The title track of their forthcoming EP hits just as hard as the previously released track, using a Reznor-esque, barebones electronic backbeat to kickstart four minutes of guitar-propelled fury, digital-as-fuck synthesizer sound effects and a double-bass laden chorus that simultaneously implants an earworm deep inside your cranium and doesn’t relent on the pace. Digital People is full of bangers just like this one; it’s as compelling a release in 2018 as any, that’s for certain.

(I maintain that these guys really need more BLACK LEATHER and COMBAT BOOTS and CHAINS to up their aesthetic!)

Digital People comes out on April 6th; follow Sparrow on Facebook to stay up to date.

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