Corey Taylor on New Slipknot Album: “I’ve Written Lyrics to Almost All of It.”


Do I really have to write another non-update on Slipknot’s next record? For fuck’s sake.

The last update we got from Corey Taylor — A WHOLE MONTH AGO — we learned that lyrics are, in fact, being written! Can you believe it? Once the other members finished writing music, Corey started on lyrics — wow!!!!

Now, in a new interview with Billboard, Taylor has made the shocking revelation that he’s ALMOST DONE writing lyrics. Holy shit!!! Who would’ve thunk that a month after beginning the process he’d be nearly finished? The mind boggles!!

Here’s the quote:

“The guys are writing tons of music and I’ve written lyrics to almost all of it,” Taylor said. “We’re going to start trying to put together demos here and there with the time off that I have and really try to get ahead of the curve as far as what happens next.”

This is real breaking stuff, right here, everyone.

Whereas Taylor previously said that a new Slipknot album would “absolutely” come out in 2019, now he’s being a little more cautious with that prediction:

“I know that we’re gonna try and put an album out next year — however, that is all speculation. The best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans out loud. So I’m just going with the flow. The plan right now is next year but that is a huge plan because we still haven’t narrowed anything down, so we will definitely see what happens.”

And with that we can end this completely meaningless update about new Slipknot that’s still at least a year away. You got the news you all so badly wanted and we get our ad revenue; everyone wins!

[via Loudwire]

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