Free Speech in Metal


“Free speech” as referenced in the Constitution of the United States of America refers to one’s right to be able to say anything they choose without fear of persecution or reprisal from the government.

No one — MetalSucks, other media, SJWs/libtards/cucks/etc — is limiting your free speech when they call you out for expressing hateful views.

A venue canceling a show because your band has publicly expressed hateful ideologies is not infringing on your rights to free speech. You are welcome to perform somewhere else. And in no case will you be told by the government to stop unless you make a specific and dangerous threat against a person or group of people.

A media outlet is not hindering your (or anyone’s) free speech by calling for a boycott on a band or record label because of their association with hateful ideologies or bigotry.

Any media outlet that chooses not to cover your band because of your political or social ideologies is not limiting your free speech. You may continue espousing your viewpoints elsewhere — there are plenty of communities for that — and again, in neither case will the government attempt to stop you.

It is not censorship nor does it infringe on your right to free speech if MetalSucks chooses to delete reader comments that express hateful viewpoints. You are welcome to express opposing viewpoints without resorting to hateful epithets; we welcome it! We do not believe in hateful name-calling or threats: they have no place here. You are welcome to say those things elsewhere, and once again, you will not be targeted by the government for doing so (your “free speech” is intact).

“But the riffs, man” is not a suitable excuse for continuing to support a band that uses Nazi symbolism in jest, symbolism that’s associated with the systematic extermination of 6 million people because of their heritage. You can both believe in free speech and decide to no longer support that band; these things are not mutually exclusive.

It is our right to express the opinion that certain bands aren’t worth continuing to support because of their political or ideological beliefs. It is your right to continue supporting them if you so choose. These things are not mutually exclusive. We are not telling you who you can and cannot support; we’re telling you why we think you should not, but we’re ultimately giving you information from which you can derive your own decision.

We are not leading a witch hunt. It’s pretty simple, really: if you don’t want to be accused of being a Nazi, don’t do Nazi shit or associate with Nazis. If you made mistakes in your past, own up to it and explain how you’ve grown since then rather than dismissing it as a witch hunt that threatens free speech.

Your free speech is not being threatened. Stop claiming it is.

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