Twilight: Listen to a New Song from Upcoming EP of Unreleased Tracks


Chicago black metal supergroup Twilight will release what is being billed as their final recording next month. Trident Death Rattle will contain three unreleased tracks from the 2012 album III:Beneath Trident’s Tomb, and you can stream the first of those, “This Road South,” via Bandcamp below.

A quick refresher for all of you, since it’s certainly been a while: the band consisted of Jef “Wrest” Whitehead (Leviathan), Blake Judd (Nachtmystium), Neill “N. Imperial” Jameson (Krieg), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea, Corrections House, Minsk).

Says guitarist Blake Judd:

“I’m extremely excited for these three missing tracks to finally be seeing the light of day as an official cassette / vinyl / digital release!  After having a few rocky years with my ex-Twilight co-conspirators, we’ve all patched up our differences and have a good relationship today.  After numerous conversations about the subject of these three tracks with Jef Whitehead (Wrest) and Neill Jameson (N. Imperial), we’ve all decided it’s time for the final existing Twilight audio to be presented and released unto the world.

“These songs are special to me also because they’re the three tracks which were authored by myself and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame. To have had the chance to work with such a legendary musician was an amazing and very satisfying experience for me.  I grew up in the 90s when Nirvana was king, so, like most people my age, I was a huge fan. Through NIRVANA, I discovered Sonic Youth and have been a massive fan ever since.  So, to have had the opportunity later to work alongside the most well-known member of that band, it was like a dream come true and truly brought things full circle, connecting the music I was making during the Twilight era with the music that inspired me to pick up a guitar when I first started playing at 12-13 years old. With that being said, it is with great honor that I’m able to oversee the release and be a part of these missing Twilight tracks, released by Ascension Monuments Media under the title Trident Death Rattle.”

A press release sent to MetalSucks teases “further Twilight news later this year via Prophecy Productions.” Wonder what that could be given the earlier proclamation that this EP will be Twilight’s final recording? For now, “This Road South” is definitely hitting the spot.

Trident Death Rattle comes out May 1st via Ascension Monuments Media; pre-order here.

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