You Stream Now: Wolf King’s New Album Loyal to the Soil


You Stream Now: Wolf King’s New Album Loyal to the SoilIn March we introduced you to Wolf King via a premiere of their new single “Greater Power,” a dark slab of death metal-inspired blackened hardcore that knocked us right off our feet.

With the release of their new album Loyal to the Soil coming this Friday, the band’s decided to let Decibel share a stream of the entire album. Bless their hearts for doing so, because more people need to be hearing this record: it’s phenomenal!

Fans of HM-2-driven Entombedcore (Nails, Trap Them, etc.) are gonna lose their shit over Wolf King, but the band offers plenty more to set themselves apart from the pack. As the “blackened” tag would suggest, Wolf King use a dark, frosty sense of melody to convey their musical ideas, and the album is unexpectedly dynamic, with tracks running the gamut from all-out bangers to mid-tempo stomps to slow, post-metal dirges. It delivers on all counts, whether you’re typically fan of this sub-genre of metal or not.

Loyal to the Soil comes out on April 27th via Prosthetic Records; pre-order here.

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