DevilDriver Release “Country Heroes” Cover with Hank Williams III


DevilDriver have, at last, debuted a full song from Outlaws ‘Til the End, their forthcoming album of outlaw country covers. Specifically, they’ve released their take on “Country Heroes,” which features Hank Williams III/ Hank III/ Hank3/ Hank However the Fuck You Spell It, whose song “Country Heroes” just so happens to be.

As we suspected they would, DevilDriver have straight up turned the track into a DevilDriver song — other than the lyrics and some nifty slide guitar, there’s nothing especially country about this. Which is fine with me, but I’m not a country fan. I wonder how people who care about this music will react?

Pre-order Outlaws ‘Til the End here. Below is the original “Country Heroes” if you’re curious.

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