Unsigned and Unholy: Ion, Ilium, Lark


There areno vocals on Ion‘s latest album A Path Unknown until after the four-minute mark on the 30-minute long (!) opening track, but when they finally kick in after all that build and anticipation, boy is it ever worth it. There’s a whole lot to digest here — the album clocks in at over an hour — but the music runs the gamut from atmospheric post-rock to furious grind and everything in between.

It’s not often I give power metal bands a nod in this space, but Ilium are definitely deserving of a mention. Their latest album Sirens of the Styx – Re​-​Styxed is full of big ol’, fist-pumping power anthems, one right after another! If this type of metal isn’t for you feel free to skip, but if you enjoy some cheddar on your crackers from time to time you know what to do.

Lark have a musical makeup that could either propel them to international superstardom or make them easy to overlook: they combine a number of different sub-genres while sounding like none in particular. While the idea of a band with a wholly original sound might seem great on the surface, sometimes listeners need genre tropes to latch onto and there aren’t really any of those here. I happen to think it’s really damn cool, though, and I certainly hope people are able to see this band for what they are and can become.

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