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Guns N’ Roses Launch Countdown to Destruction


Let this week’s Guns N’ Roses rumor intensify!

A couple of days ago, a new billboard spotted in London seemed to very clearly be teasing a reunion of the complete Appetite for Destruction-era line-up — including Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler — and led fans to a website that promised “DESTRUCTION IS COMING.”

And just this morning, things have taken a turn for the even more interesting: that same website now features a clock which is counting down to this Friday, May 4. If you visit the site on a desktop, you’re given the option to “tune in” to repeated playings of the Appetite-era b-side “Shadow of Your Love.” If you visit the site on your mobile, you’re given that same option, encouraged to share your location, and instructed to “Check back in to hear the next transmission and help share the broadcast.”

It’s worth noting that GN’R already have a whole buncha summer tour dates booked in Europe, then Slash is scheduled to hit the road with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators in the fall, and there are currently no other Guns N’ Roses shows lined up (and Axl Rose is rumored to be working on a new AC/DC album with Angus Young). So either Izzy and Adler are joining the already-scheduled Guns dates, or we’re all completely misinterpreting what’s happening here. Which could very well be the case — mere days ago, Izzy and Adler’s current replacements, Richard Fortus and Frank Ferrer, both posted social media messages suggesting they’re still part of the band.

It’s also interesting that the song they chose to play on the site is one which a substantial portion of Guns N’ Roses fans probably don’t even know; I mean, the band has covered “Black Hole Sun” live more times than they’ve performed “Shadow of Your Love.” I have no idea why they’d make that choice or what it could signify.

So this is all intriguing! Check back Friday to find out the solution to the mystery, and hope said solution isn’t anti-climactic.

[via Bring Back Glam!]

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