Jamey Jasta Releases New Song “13 Appears” Featuring Prong’s Tommy Victor and Armageddon/The Absence’s Joey Concepcion


Jamey Jasta is nothing if not super consistent. As such, “13 Appears,” the latest song to be released under his solo Jasta moniker, sounds quite Jasta-y! By that I mean the riffs and beat are vaguely Hatebreed-esque, and Jamey’s voice is always gonna sound like Jamey’s voice. #PMA all day long, baby.

This particular track does have a couple of guests for some variety, though: vocals from Tommy Victory of Prong and some snazzy guitar work by Joey Concepcion (currently of Armageddon [with Chris Amott], The Absence and Dead by Wednesday).

Speaking of Jamey Jasta, I’d really love an update on that project he’s working on with Dee Snider on which Howard Jones, Mark Morton and others will guest. I’m legitimately very stoked for that one!

Check out “13 Appears” below via Bandcamp.

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