Kerry King and Jim Jeffries Teach the Involuntarily Celibate How to Get Laid

  • Axl Rosenberg

If you’ve never before treated yourself to the comedy stylings of Mr. Jim Jeffries, well, you’re missing out. Motherfucker is hilarious. I’m partial to his stand-up, but his weekly Comedy Central program, The Jim Jeffries Show, is also quite droll.

On a recent episode, Jim dove into the issue of Incels, an often-violent hate group for men who feel like women owe them sex and are to blame for their lack thereof (‘Incel’ is short for ‘involuntarily celibate’). In my day we just called those guys ‘sad’ and they didn’t have any kind of organized militia… actually, wait, fuck that… in my day I can’t remember anyone of either gender ever suggesting that anyone owed them sex just as, like, a societal norm. That is a fucking weird position to take on any number of levels (and if you need that explained to you, seek help immediately), so much so that I can’t even imagine what bullcrap argument they use to justify their stance. Great times we live in.

So ANYWAY, what’s this got to do with metal? Well, in the course of trying to explain to Incels how they can stop being involuntarily celibate, Jeffries enlisted the aid of one Mr. Kerry King from Slayer. So not only is this video very funny while discussing something completely terrifying, but it’s one of those great pop culture crossover moments when two people you admire from completely different mediums acknowledge one another. Also, props to Kerry for having a sense of humor about his looks.

You can watch the entire segment below. If you’re seriously impatient, King comes in at the 5:35 mark.

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