Unsigned and Unholy: Autumns Eyes, Voidspawn, Stoicism


One-man band Autumns Eyes has a very positive message in its latest song “Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists,” which you can likely surmise from the track’s title. The goth sonic veneer and Peter Steele-esque vocals are the perfect wrapper for the song’s lyrical intent, making for a track that’s at once morose and uplifting.

Voidspawn have a round of shows scheduled this coming July with Artificial Brain and Pyrrhon, so if you’re a fan of the genre in which those bands reside you should already have a good idea of what to expect: skronky, stomach-churning, unsettlingly visceral death metal. Still, give Voidspawn’s latest EP a spin for its uncompromising brutality, and imagine the big things this band could do next if they set their char-grilled hearts on it.

Stoicism have some strong Krallice vibes going on, and I mean that as a compliment: it’s kinda remarkable given how widely loved Krallice are (or seem to be, maybe I’m biased), but this particular sub-niche of progressive black metal hasn’t been mined en masse yet. Comparing Stoicism to one band would of course be a disservice — they’ve got a whole lot more than that to offer — so check out their recent album Behind the Sun below and see what you think.

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