Hilariously-Named New Band Featuring Dudes Who Mass-Quit Emmure in 2015 Debut First Single

  • Axl Rosenberg

Painless, the very-poorly-named new project featuring four dudes who used to be in Emmure and Defiler’s Jake “I Wanna See You Cry Bitch!” Shaw, have debuted their first single, “Spellbinder.” The good news is, it’s better than Emmure; the bad news is, it’s not great or anything; and the tragic news is, it does have the inadvertent camp value of either Emmure or Defiler. The song basically sounds like Periphery reinterpreting Tool, only with some deathcore growls that, frankly, sound of out of place and detract from the whole experience. It’s… uh… well… it’s painless, is what it is. This being the case, it really could have used some lyrics about making exes weep or Credo Mutwa or whatever, just to spice things up.

You can check out “Spellbinder” below. Painless’ debut EP, No Help, comes out June 22.

[via The PRP]

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