Watch St. Vincent Play and Sing’s Tool’s “Forty Six & 2”


Pop artist St. Vincent (aka Annie Clarke) is a big metalhead and has always been forthcoming about her hesher ways. She’s frequently name-checked the likes of Slayer, Maiden and Judas Priest in interviews, is a big fan of Mayhem and openly admits that the main riff from her song “Bring Me Your Loves” was heavily inspired by Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” (listen to those two back to back and you’ll hear it right away). As for all those “fashion kids” sporting metal shirts these days without knowing much about the bands they’re repping? She’s not a fan!

Speaking of Pantera, St. Vincent was recently asked on camera by BBC Radio 6 about riffs she wishes she’d written, and the very first one she mentioned was the iconic intro from “Cowboys From Hell,” which she proceeded to bang out on an acoustic (without a pick!). She then went right into Tool’s “Fort Six & 2” (aka “My Shadow”) and started singing it, too, which MY GOD that must be difficult. Here, watch:

I’ve always maintained that metalheads should be able to get down with St. Vincent’s music, so maybe this drives the point home. Her latest album Masseduction is out now and streamable on Spotify or below.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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