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Listen to Protest the Hero Drummer Michael Ireadi’s Side Project Same Fears


Side projects are always fun to listen to; they provide a window into the creative mind of band members that shows off some of the creative DNA they might not necessarily be able to showcase in their day job band. That holds true whether or not you end up liking that side project’s music. For example, let’s say Dragonforce’s Herman Li ended up releasing a horrorcore rap side project… that’d be interesting to know about, wouldn’t it? (He hasn’t… but maybe he should consider it).

Today we get a look into the mind of Protest the Hero drummer Michael Ireadi and his new band Same Fears. “But how much of Michael’s creative influence will we really be able to hear besides the drumming?” you ask, a legitimate question. As it turns out, all of it: Ireadi played every instrument on his debut release Glitching, and performed the vocals too. New song “Herself” isn’t too far off from Protest the Hero — there’s a similar sense of melody — but on the whole it’s less proggy and with a bit more of a hardcore influence, especially in the vocals. I like it, and I can definitely understand Ireadi’s itch to put this out into the world given the contrast with PTH’s music.

Check out “Herself” below. Glitching is due out July 17th.

[via The PRP]

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