Shit That Comes Out Today: June 22, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

I know this is going to come up so I’ll just address it now. There is a certain band that is releasing an album this week. In light of their dealings with Nazi paraphernalia, they will not be featured, covered or named. You can bitch and moan about it all you want, but remember, there was a fucking world war about stopping Nazis. So if you were wondering how you avoid getting put on the Nazi shit list, there is one simple step: Don’t do Nazi shit. That’s it! That is literally it.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 22, 2018Nine Inch Nails
Bad Witch
(The Null Corporation)
On a playlist with The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Tool
Listen: “God Break Down The Door”

I never bought into the hype with these dudes. Granted, I’m a little on the picky side with my music and I know that I’m not even close to the typical Nine Inch Nails fan, but Bad Witch still seems like it was set to underwhelm from the second that “God Break Down The Door” was released. Is it a bad song? I don’t know if I would say bad is the right word, but it’s boring and repetitive and the only reason I’ve listened to it more than once is because I found myself rather uninspired by the music, to the point where I’m struggling to find anything interesting to say about it other than how unbelievably boring it is. It’s different from anything NIN have done in the past but that isn’t always a good thing. If you’re not already on the bandwagon, then I really doubt this album will do anything to change that.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 22, 2018Impending Doom
The Sin And Doom, Vol. II (eOne Music)
On a playlist with Carnifex, The Acacia Strain and Chelsea Grin
Listen: “Everything’s Fake”

God this band sucks. For as long as Impending Doom have been around, I have never understood why people like them. It’s not even the fact that I have an issue with them being a Christian band, which in and of itself makes them stupid, but it’s the fact that nothing about this band makes them stand out from the rest of the festering shit pool that deathcore has turned into. After listening to both singles from Vol. II, it felt like I had already listened to the songs before because again, all Impending Doom are is deathcore by the numbers. Generic breakdowns? Check. Generic fade-in/soundbite intros? Check. Relying over-produced guitar tone instead of actually writing music? Check. You’re stupid if you like Impending Doom.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 22, 2018Arthedain
Infernal Cadence Of The Desolate (Naturmacht)
On a playlist with Necrophobic, Graveworm and Emperor
Listen: Full album

Although this album actually came out on the 17th, this thing fucking kills and I’d be doing you all a disservice to not feature it. Arthedain take their name from Lord of the Rings, much like many other black metal bands do, and they play a beautiful brand of melodic black metal that sounds like what I imagine Dimmu Borgir’s Stormblast would sound like without keyboards and lower vocals. Arthedain is my pick of the week and anyone who likes melodic music will love these dudes. As a plus, it’s their first full-length release so we can hope to hear a lot more from these guys.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 22, 2018VEIN
Errorzone (Closed Casket Activities)
On a playlist with Norma Jean, Every Time I Die and Snakehound
Listen: “Virus://Vibrance”

It’s official, I think I finally like mathcore. I legitimately thought I would never live to see the day. Thanks, Snakehound, you did the world a favor. Anyway, in typical mathcore fashion, VEIN have the musical sound of a heart attack and an anxiety attack fucking in a venue bathroom, and I’ll admit, I quite like the way that they’ve thrown conventional song and riff structure straight out the window and into the deepest part of Hell. So if you’re tired of the regular doom and gloom or just want to try something different, give VEIN a shot.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 22, 2018Concrete Dream
Inverse (E-Train Records)
On a playlist with… it doesn’t matter. You won’t make it more than 30 seconds into the single.
Listen: “Catch 22”

I swear I didn’t intend to shit on most of the featured bands this week. I also try not to shit on newer, unknown bands, but for fuck’s sake, the world does not need a hip-hop/EDM/hardcore crossover band which they refer to as “trap metal.” Yikes. Props for doing something original I guess but as Nathan Explosion once said, “Rap/rock band with a DJ? Somebody tell this band what year it is.” The ONLY reason that these dudes get featured is because they are a shining example of what not to do if you want your music career to last. But what do I know? Maybe they’re so awful that they’ll catch on. Kind of like Limp Bizkit. Exactly like Limp Bizkit.

PS: Code Orange released an EP yesterday as well, you can check that out here.

ÁrstíðiR Nivalis listen
Arthedain Infernal Cadence Of The Desolate (Naturmacht) listen
Concrete Dream Inverse (E-Train Records) listen
Craft White Noise and Black Metal listen
Deathgrave So Real, It’s Now (Tankcrimes Records) listen
Eskhaton Omegalitheos (Lavadome) listen
Haken L-1VE (InsideOut Music) listen
Hatchet Dying To Exist (Combat Records/EMP Label Group) listen
Khemmis Desolation (20 Buck Spin) listen
King Heavy Guardian Demons (Cruz Del Sur) listen
Like A Storm Catacombs (Red) listen
Maggot Casket Maggot Casket (Horror Pain Gore Death Production) listen
Morgengrau Blood Oracle (Unspeakable Axe) listen
Pantera Live At Dynamo 1998 (Caroline/Universal) listen
Soulfly Live At Dynamo 1998 (Caroline/Universal) listen
The Heretic Order Evil Rising (Massacre) listen
The Sea Within The Sea Within (InsideOut) listen

Lingua Ignota
All Bitches Die (Reissue) (Profound Lore) listen

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