Existem Get Nostalgic with “Remembrance”

  • Phil Boozeman

Existem Get Nostalgic with “Remembrance”

There are lots of local bands out there that just never take off. The reasons for this can be anything from the band members not taking their music seriously, band dysfunction, or more often than not, they just flat out suck. But every once in a while, you find that one band that after digging into their music you think, ‘How in the fuck are these guys not signed yet?’ Well, boys and girls, Existem are that band. Hailing from the barbecue capital of the world, Kansas City, MO, Existem write progressive metal that fans of The Ocean, Opeth and Periphery will feel right at home with. Now, they’ve finally dropped the first single from their upcoming album, Mantle. 

Thanks to my black magic press powers, I’ve been jamming this album for about two months now and believe me when I say that I’ve had a very difficult time keeping my mouth shut about it until now. Mantle is a concept album about a man who has a deep dream where he falls to the center of the Earth and meets Gaia. But, due to the state of the world, her sanctuary is being destroyed. After Gaia shows our protagonist visions of how harmonious Earth used to be, he returns to the conscious world as a prophet to usher in a new era of life. In the grand scheme of the story, “Remembrance” is the reaction our protagonist has to Gaia showing him what the Earth used to be like.

You can listen to “Remembrance” below. Mantle drops July 20 and you can purchase it on Existem’s Bandcamp once it does.

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