Did I Inspire Silent Civilian to Reunite and Record a New Album?


Last week I went on an obscure nu-metal kick (like REAL obscure major label stuff — it’s amazing how much there is! here’s a sample) and YouTube’s autoplay feature eventually landed me on a Spineshank song. “Didn’t this guy go on to form a metalcore band that released a pretty good album?” [Googles.] “Ah, Silent Civilian! Yes!” [Listens to album.] “This album holds up!” [Takes to Twitter]:

Mere days later I learn via The PRP that Silent Civilian have launched a GoFundMe to source money for a new album and tour. I’m not saying I necessarily made this happen… I’M JUST SAYING THAT’S A MIGHTY BIG COINCIDENCE, EH, JOHNNY???

I kid, of course (mostly); I’m sure this campaign has been in the works for some time. For whatever reason I didn’t get into Silent Civilian’s sophomore effort, Ghost Stories, released in 2010; it’s not that I disliked it or anything, I just seem to have skipped over its existence entirely. To that end I’m not sure how much a third album interests me, but I’m certainly open to being swayed: I’m checking out Ghost Stories right now on Spotify and it’s perfectly fine, and like I said above Rebirth of the Temple is a really damn good record. Santos and co. deserve every opportunity to give it a go again, and so far it seems their fans agree: they’ve raised $1,095 of their $20k goal just two days in.

Donate to Silent Civilian’s crowdfunding campaign here. The band promises that they “will deliver the album no matter how much or how little support is raised by you all, our family,” so presumably we’ll hear some new music in six months to a year… stay tuned!

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