Belzebubs Are The New Cartoon Metal Band We’ve Been Longing For


If you’re anything like 99% of metalheads in the world, you’ve probably noticed a disheartening lack of animated metal bands ever since the demise of Brendon Small’s Metalocalypse. While Dethklok (which is now exhibited at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) will always hold a special place in our hearts, it’s time to let go of the grief and move on. That’s where Belzebubs comes in.

You’ve likely seen some adorable trve kvlt comic strips floating around the web, which depict the behind-the-scenes life of your everyday Satanic black metal band, Belzebubs. While the band formed in 2002, their existence has been wrapped in a shroud of mystery. The members (besides author JP Ahonen) are anonymous in real life, only known by their stage names: Obesyx, Hubbath, Sløth and Samaël. After being on hiatus for the better part of a decade, Belzebubs recently signed a three-record-deal with Cenury Media and are finally ready to show the overworld what they’re all about:

“We are extremely proud to sign with Century Media on their 30th anniversary year, joining the likes of Watain, Tribulation, Moonsorrow, Insomnium, and Rotting Christ, just to name a few. We have been busy composing new material, and can’t wait to get in the studio (and tour!?) with our new drummer Samaël, who’s brought a tight, progressive twist to our gritty yet melodic sound.”

You can watch the music video for the first single, “Blackened Call” below, and stay tuned for more insanity from the newest 2-D kvltists.

[via Louder Sound]

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