Rage Against the Machine Slap Nigel Farage with a Cease and Desist Order over His Farage Against the Machine Podcast


For those of you wh0 don’t know, Nigel Farage is a former politician from the UK who has since become a conservative firebrand. Basically, he’s Alex Jones if you replaced Jones’ Eric Cartman impression with a sort of inbred chinlessness–wait, have you seen V for Vendetta? Okay, great, he’s this guy:

ANYway, I bring this up because Farage apparently has a podcast called Farage Against the Machine. And as you can imagine, the members of Rage Against the Machine aren’t happy about that.

As such, the band has had their attorney slap the loudmouthed tadpole with a Cease and Desist order demanding he keep their good name out of his fuckin’ mouth. The Blast got ahold of the letter, and has released one choice section:

“Your anti-immigrant rhetoric, lack of social compassion and barely disguised racism and xenophobia are the antithesis of what RATM stands for. Stop using RATM’s name and logo, change the name of your podcast and find some other target to troll. We suggest President Trump.”

My first thought is, What was Farage thinking? He’s referencing a band whose bassist described Donald Trump as “fucking Adolf Hitler.”

But we all know what Farage was thinking. He’s an ultra-conservative ex-politician from one of the world’s empires built on domination and oppression. He thought, I own whatever I want. I deserve it for being a white man. Fuck your art.

ANYway, here’s a beer raised to the dudes in RATM and a middle finger raised to Farage. I leave you with a better description of him than I ever could have come up with:

[via The PRP]

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