Shit Out Of Luck: A Friday The 13th Bad Luck Playlist


As a headbanger who loves horror movies, I’ve come to associate Friday the 13th with a mama’s boy in a hockey mask hacking Shelly to death. But more traditionally, Friday the 13th is a day associated with Fortune lifting her skirts and farting directly into your open mouth.

There are several different reasons why Friday the 13th has been linked to bad luck, most of them surrounding triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13.  The two that are cited most are a) that there were thirteen steps up to a gallows (this, of course, occurred after the creation of the trapdoor gallows; before that, they literally just walked you up a ladder, lashed you to a scaffold, and let you swing), and b) the idea that the day Christ was caught by the Romans was a Friday, and there were thirteen people (Ol’ Josh and his twelve disciples) at the dinner party that got broken up.

Whatever the reason, I love a good superstition, and I’m down with any day that decrees I can drink thirteen beers in a row for tradition’s sake. Here, for your listening enjoyment, is a playlist of songs about bad luck, the number 13, and the world shitting all over you. Happy Friday the 13th, and stay out from under ladders.

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