Shit That Comes Out Today: July 13, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

What a fucking week. Three heavy-hitting albums by way of Between the Buried and Me, Obscura and Deafheaven in addition to The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel laying waste to Kansas City on 7/11. I had video shoots with both The Black Dahlia Murder and Shadow of Intent that went killer, so while I work on editing those, I’d like to say that I’m beyond excited to share these with you all. The summer might have been kind of slow over all, but this week more than makes up for it with all sorts of killer metal, excluding a certain garbage deathcore band in the final featured spot, but I digress. Sit back, grab a beer and blast all the killer releases this week. 

Shit That Comes Out Today: July 13, 2018Between The Buried And Me
Automata II (Sumerian Records)
On a playlist with Dream Theater, Opeth and Intronaut
Listen: “Voice of Trespass”

At long last (not really, it’s only been 3 months), we finally get the conclusion to BTBAM’s Automata I. I’ll cut the crap and tell you all that it’s an amazing conclusion to an amazing double album. The only problem? The double album aspect of Automata didn’t feel entirely necessary and felt more like just chopping a single album in half than a true double feature. That being said, Automata I and II make for an incredible album that would have absolutely been a 5/5 if it were released as one piece of music. Automata is one of BTBAM’s strongest works to date and you owe it to yourself, your family and your unborn children to listen to this in its entirety. For a more in-depth analysis, check out my review here.

Shit That Comes Out Today: July 13, 2018Obscura
Diluvium (Relapse)
On a playlist with Beyond Creation, Nile and Necrophagist
Listen: “Diluvium”

Any week is a good week when you get new music from Obscura. Obscura are one of the bands that first started to make technical death metal grow on me because they aren’t just the typical ‘LOOK AT ALL OF THE TIME SIGNATURES WE CAN PLAY IN LOL’, but rather they mix in their technical prowess with incredible songwriting and progressive elements that will make even those who don’t enjoy tech death appreciate the music. Tech death has been one of the more difficult subgenres for me to get into so if even I can dig it, then so can you. If you’ve never checked these dudes out, make sure you change that today. For a more in-depth opinion, you can read Axl’s review here.

Shit That Comes Out Today: July 13, 2018Deafheaven
Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (ANTI-)
On a playlist with Alcest, Wolves in the Throne Room and Ghost Bath
Listen: Full album stream

The world’s most divisive black metal band has returned once again. Although calling Deafheaven just a black metal band is a complete disservice to what they do, their brand of kvlt with major chords makes them instantly recognizable to pretty much anyone who has heard even one song from them. So how is the new album? Like Deafheaven or not, you have to admit that they’re always pushing themselves musically and that’s one of the reasons that they’re great and why this album is great. Deafheaven don’t define themselves as simply one subgenre so no matter what, you’re sure to find at least something to like with them. For a moree in-depth opinion, check out Exckretakano’s review here.

Shit That Comes Out Today: July 13, 2018Oubliette
The Passage (The Artisan Era)
On a playlist with Necrophobic, Ashbringer and Panphage
Listen: “The Passage”

Oubliette are a fucking awesome melodic black metal band featuring members of Inferi and Enfold Darkness. Although there isn’t a ton of immediately recognizable sounds that I could pin on only this band, “The Passage” will hook you immediately and before you know it, the nearly 7 minute duration of the song is over. In addition to melodic black metal, they also have a few epic-ish parts on bridges, solos and scattered intermittently throughout the song. Any fan of melodic music and black metal will like this band so if you’re kvlt, then Oubliette are for you.

Shit That Comes Out Today: July 13, 2018Chelsea Grin
Eternal Nightmare (Rise Records)
On a playlist with pissing out barbed wire, supervised drug tests and local bands with “big stuff” on the way
Listen: “Hostage”

Have you ever listened to a bad deathcore song and thought to yourself, “Man, I wonder if they could possibly write anything worse?” Well, Chelsea Grin sure have and they decided to make an entire album career based around making bad deathcore even worse. Believe it or not, I really did go into this album review with an objective mindset but by the second track, it was clear the Chelsea Grin are just as fucking horrible as ever, which forced me to make my entire review rhyme so it wouldn’t be as awful as their music. If you’re running low on toilet paper, don’t bother buying more. Just pick up a copy of Eternal Nightmare and wipe your ass with it because even shards of broken CD in your butthole is a better experience than listening to this. To further see me wipe my ass with this band, check out my review here.

PS: Skeletonwitch have a new album out today too and I dropped the ball on featuring it. Fortunately, you don’t need me to tell you that it fucking rips since, you know, it’s Skeletonwitch. Check out the single “Temple of the Sun” and Excretakano’s review here.

Axegrinder Satori (Rise Above) listen
Birds In Row We Already Lost the World (Deathwish Inc.) listen
Black Fast Spectre Of Ruin (eOne Music) listen
Bury Tomorrow Black Flame (Music For Nations) listen
Daggra Setsuna (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) listen
Del Judas Deity (Primal Architecture Records) listen
Destinia Metal Souls (Frontiers) listen
Hopesfall Arbiter (Graphic Nature Records/Equal Vision Records) listen
Hvymine Fight Or Flight (Seek And Strike) listen
Pound Pound (Silent Pendulum Records) listen
The Protest Legacy (Rockfest/Sony) listen
Wearing Thin More Than Just A Frame (Tragic Hero) listen

Cave In Until Your Heart Stops (Vinyl) (Hydra Head Records) listen
King Diamond In Concert 1987: Abigail (Picture Disc) (Metal Blade) listen
King Diamond The Graveyard (Picture Disc) (Metal Blade) listen
King Diamond The Spider’s Lullabye (Picture Disc) (Metal Blade) listen
The Devil Wears Prada Sour Breath (7″) (Rise Records) listen

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