Convulse Release New Song, Set to Enter the Studio in 2019


Good News/Bad News/Good News/Mixed News, Convulse Edition!

GOOD NEWS: Finland’s Convulse will enter the studio in 2019 to record their next album!

BAD NEWS: 2019 is still a ways off, and “enter the studio” doesn’t even necessarily mean “will release the record.” I don’t know that we’ll have to wait ’til 2020 to hear this thing, but we might.

GOOD NEWS: The band has released a new song, “The Summoning,” to tide us over in the meantime!

MIXED NEWS: “The Summoning” is very much in the vein of the doomier, proggier sound the group began to pursue on their last album, Cycle of Revenge (2016). In fact, I think it pushes even further in that direction with regards to its use of melody; imagine a collaboration between Type O Negative and Baroness, and you’ll have an idea of how “The Summoning” sounds. I’m aware that some fans are, naturally, already pissed that the band ever digressed from the death metal aesthetic for which they’re known; this will not mollify those people. I admit, I myself would have liked something a little heavier myself… but creativity can’t be based on what certain fans might want, and besides, the track definitely grew on me after a few listens.

I guess what I’m saying is: resist the urge to dismiss “The Summoning” out of hand.

Here ya go:

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