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Cast the Stone (Misery Index, Cattle Decap, Scour) Release New Song “The Burning Horizon”


Who says bass players in metal don’t get any love??

Well, lots of folks say that, actually… and they’d mostly be correct. But Cast the Stone bassist Derek Engemann (ex-Cattle Decapitation, Scour) is here to challenge that assertion with a bass playthrough video of “The Burning Horizon,” which also serves as the single’s debut. While releasing a single as a bass playthrough is certainly unorthodox, I’m into it: the format forces me to focus on the bass in a way that I almost surely wouldn’t have if the band had just released it as a regular single (in which case I wouldn’t have focused on the bass) or if they’d put out a bass playthrough after the fact (in which case I probably wouldn’t have even checked it out). And it’s quite a performance! Engemann’s bass lines really add a whole lot to the track; metal bassists are usually subtle, but their work is so, so important.

Take a listen to Engemann’s playthrough of “The Burning Horizon” below via Gear Gods, and enjoy that bass-heavy mix.

Empyrean Atrophy comes out August 31st via Agonia Records; pre-order here. Check out previous singles “Jesusatan” (an Infestdead cover) and “As the Dead Lie.”

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