Move Over, Idiot with Cereal Bowl, Some Guy Just Brought Beans into the Mosh Pit


Dio in Heaven, is this becoming a trend now? First, there was that dude who brought a bowl of cereal into the pit during Chelsea Grin’s set on a recent Warped Tour date, and now we have a video of a different dude brining a can of beans into the pit during Kublai Khan’s set on a different Warped Tour Date!

I just wanna go on record as saying a) I don’t like this food-in-the-pit craze, karate moshers have already made shit unpleasant as it is, and b) beans are SUCH a rude choice of cuisine — the sequel to the above video would almost certainly be one in which the guy crop dusts the pit. Not that you’d expect someone who brought food into the pit to be a considerate person, but c’mon, man, have SOME respect for your fellow concertgoers. Sheesh.

[via The PRP]

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