Enlarge Photo Credit: Jeremy Saffer

Within the Ruins Surprise-Release New EP World Undone


Surprise! Within the Ruins released a new EP today!

If you’re thinking “Hmm, didn’t the band put out something not all that long ago?” you’d be correct: their last full-length, Halfway Human, came out in March of 2017. But with a new vocalist comes a new hunger — Steve Tinnon has replaced Tim Goergen, who had been with the band since 2009 — so the band decided to record and release the World Undone EP as a stop-gap.

Metal Injection has premiered the title track, and despite guitarist Joe Cocchi’s claim these songs have a “unique vibe” because of the “big transition period” for the band on account of their new vocalist, it sure sounds like Within the Ruins business as usual to me. Stutter-step rhythms, staccato guitars, hard stops, pristine, mechanical-sounding production, bouncy, down-tuned grooves… ya know, Within the Ruins. Whether that’s a good thing or not just depends on whether that’s your cup of tea.

World Undone in full doesn’t seem to be up on Spotify yet, but you can stream the title track below along with another new single called “Resurgence.” Purchase the EP here.

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