Watch Rob Scallon Break Glass Bottles Over His Head in New Video “Djazz”


When you stumble across a song name like “Djazz” it’s a gamble between whether it’ll be strange but entertaining or a steaming self-righteous pile of shit. Fortunately, Rob Scallon’s newest dork-fest falls into the former category, and while I expected an unhinged, psychotic clusterfuck, “Djent” goes above and beyond.

This is easily Scallon’s most spastic endeavor yet — and that’s quite an accomplishment. Those of you who are enthralled by absurd bands like Mr. Bungle and The Djillinger Escape Plan will certainly enjoy “Djazz” as it bounces from one end of the spectrum to the other and checks off every box along the way. There’s scatting, there’s breakdowns, there’s broken glass everywhere, and there’s a motherfucking PURPLE TRUMPET. What more could you need to spice up your Monday? Check the video out below!

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