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Exclusive Track Premiere: “Free” by Ultraphonix


We were in the bag for Ultraphonix, the new project featuring singer Corey Glover (Living Colour) and guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, KXM), pretty much from the word ‘go.’ After all — who doesn’t love Glover and Lynch? These two have been heroes of ours for so long that we won’t say how long for fear of them reading this and feeling old. There’s a reason they’ve become such titans in their respective fields of expertise.

Then we heard the band’s heavy, bluesy music, and not only were we in the bag, we were signing a lease for the bag. If it’s not exactly a shock that these dudes make such powerful music together, it’s surprising that Ultraphonix is more than just the sum of its parts; they’d be worthy of your attention even if you’ve never rocked out “Cult of Personality” or “Dream Warriors” before.

And now that Lynch has revealed the band’s political intentions, well… as you can imagine, we’re meeting with the band later today to discuss a mortgage so we can just buy the bag outrigt:

“The day rock music ceases to be a vehicle for resistance and justice is the day rock and roll will officially be declared dead. We Formed Ultraphonix in the hopes of adding to that proud legacy; from Woody Guthrie to Dylan, CSN&Y, to Hendrix and Rage Against the Machine.”

“Free,” the new Ultraphonix song battle anthem we’re premiering here on MetalSucks today, certainly suggests the band has, indeed, now joined that proud legacy. Not only will the track definitely get stuck in your head, but it may cause you to abruptly grow a protest sign and megaphone in your hands, too. “Free” is like Red Bull if Red Bull was specifically designed to help you combat The Man.  It’s killer stuff.

Drop whatever it is you’re doing and check out “Free” below right this goddamn second. Ultraphonix’s debut album, Original Human Music, comes out TOMORROW, August 3, and is not to be missed. Pre-order it here!!!

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