Enlarge Photo Credit: Anthony Dubois

Jam Beyond Creation’s New Tech-Death Headtrip “The Inversion”


Because the sadistic fuckers in Beyond Creation decided that releasing the first single from their new album at 1) the end of the day, 2) on a Friday, 3) during the summer would be a fantastic idea, this post is going to be short. I’m sorry, BC dudes, I like you a lot, but between all of the aforementioned reasons (come on, really, guys?) and the still in-progress clean up efforts from the previously reported monkey poop and pee incidents at the MS Mansion — which, let me tell you, is not getting any better! it’s mayhem over here — this is what you get.

Besides: anyone reading this already knows what Beyond Creation sound like. “The Inversion” is just like that, more or less! It’s seven-plus minute of tech death mastery with some very delicious-sounding fretless bass and plenty of proggy nerdery.

New album Algorythm (see what they did there?) comes out on October 12th through some record label.

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