Meshuggah Post Mini-Documentary About Life on the Road


With Axl on vacation, I’m scurrying around the MetalSucks Mansion just struggling to keep all the MS Mansion Monkeys on task — Higgins got really mad at me when I accidentally served him a banana that wasn’t fully ripe for breakfast — so I’m kind of losing it over here.

As such, I have not spent the 41 minutes required to watch the entirety of Knövelmetal, the mini-documentary about Meshuggah that just came out. The clip was put together by filmmaker Edvard Hansson, who traveled with the band earlier this year. I DID however watch the first few minutes, and I can tell you this: all Meshuggah fans are gonna need to make time for it (as I will eventually, too). It’s exactly the kind of behind-the-scenes look you hope for out of these mini docs, and Meshuggah are typically such a private band that the film offers a rare glimpse into their more personal moments.

Watch below via Metal Injection. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Albert just flung his poo at Daisy because he’s mad she isn’t giving him attention… so I gotta peace out and take care of that. But first: MESHUUUUUUGGAAAAAHHHHHH

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