Synthwave Sunday: Robyn, “Missing U”


Robyn isn’t really synthwave… I know that. But in lieu of a better place on this site to post her new track, Synthwave Sunday it is! And you know her music’s got plenty of those sweet, sweet synthwave production elements. Was Robyn like a zillion years ahead of her time with all of that? An argument could ABSOLUTELY be made in favor.

Not to mention her general badassery. Robyn is a fucking force, and “Missing U,” her first new solo track in EIGHT YEARS — following 2010’s phenomenal, genre-smashing, hit factory Body Talk — is everything Robyn fans have been patiently waiting for, with the Royksopp + Robyn collaborative EP released in 2014 to tide us over.

Press play. Did you instantly get chills like I did? Are you dancing yet, even though it’s a love song? Is Robyn the greatest pop artist of all time? How fucking stoked are you for her eventual new album???

Contemplate all of that as you jam “Missing U” below. Bow down to The Queen!

As a side note: Swedish songwriter Klas Åhlund, who co-wrote Ghost’s “Dance Macabre,” co-wrote this track with Robyn. Hmmmmmm!

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