Watch Two Idiots Eat a Ghost Pepper and Puke, Then Listen to This Killer New Fórn Track


Watch Two Idiots Eat a Ghost Pepper and Puke, Then Listen to This Killer New Fórn TrackThings calmed down a bit after this morning’s monkey moshpit, praise the lord, but only momentarily. It seems all that early-morning activity left the MS Mansion Monkeys with quite the ravenous appetite. With Axl on vacation I’m a one-man content-creation machine, which means I can’t fully mind the monkeys as I usually do… so Cha-Cha, a very curious little creature, raided the refrigerator and took it upon himself to get into a bowl of salsa I’d left in there after entertaining the guys in Lake Bukkake and Anal Chainsaw at the Mansion the other night. Dude was in for a helluva surprise when that fiery salsa hit his poor, little tongue — pretty sure I actually saw steam coming out the guy’s ears!

That reminded me of a funny video I saw over the weekend in which two idiots dip a ghost pepper (allegedly the hottest pepper on earth) into some sauce made out of Carolina Reaper peppers (allegedly another one of the hottest peppers on earth) and then eat them. Within seconds one dude is puking, and they’re both screaming and in pure hell for the five-minute duration of the video, puking out gobs of milk they’d just chugged repeatedly, jumping around, etc. I’d feel bad for them except… yeah, no, they knew exactly what they were doing. I pity their insides, though; I’m sure they felt it through every bit of their digestive tracts well into the next day!

You can watch that video below, and after you’re done I highly recommend checking out the new song by Oakland sludge/post-metal unit Fórn. I was jamming this record last week, and then Metal Injection posted a new track today, so… excellent timing. And it’s the PERFECT song to listen to as you imagine the intense pain the above idiots went through for the next 24 hours as that one, tiny pepper slowly, painfully worked its way through their bodies. Fórn’s new album Rites of Despair comes out on September 21st via Gilead Media and can be pre-ordered here.

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