Gojira’s Mario Duplantier Unveils Art Collection He… Created By Drumming?


It’s well known that Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier is an artist, and a damn good one by the looks of his paintings. But now, Duplantier has teamed up with art collective Scene Four to create ‘Vers Le Cosmos’, a collection of art that he…makes by…drumming?

It appears so! If you watch the videos below, it looks like Duplantier basically plays with LED drumsticks, and a camera captures his movements to create a frenetic still life that displays just how much a drummer moves over the course of a song (if Mario or anyone from Scene Four wants to correct me on this process, I’m all ears).

Sound a little ridiculous? I thought so too, at first…but the more I look at these pieces, the more I’m fascinated by this. Drummers move in such specific ways to achieve unique rhythm sounds–how would one of these images look for, say, Gene Hoglan? Would tight tech-death players has a tighter radius of light compared to more primal guys like Duplantier or High On Fire’s Des Kensel? Scene Four has apparently worked with several other drummers including Hoglan, Bill Ward, and Dave Lombardo, so I’m excited to compare and contrast.

Watch the video previews for ‘Vers Le Cosmos’ below. To learn more, check out the collection’s website here.

[Via Blabbermouth]

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