Informal Reader Poll: Whose Negativity Only Makes Them Cooler?


Look, we can all admit that metalheads are human beings, and as human beings, we like good things. Being charitable,  supporting good causes, and being there for the fans–these are noble endeavors, and we love bands who take part in them. The world needs more good guys.

That said, these admirable attributes aren’t what brought me to metal in the first place. I got into metal because I’m a pessimistic, stubborn, loudmouthed bummer who sometimes just wants to turn into an atom bomb and vaporize everyone around me. I hate people for how they dress and how their voices sound. I love giving people the middle finger. You all should hope I never get super powers, because then a lot of the folks on the 1 train are going to end up looking like Francis Bacon paintings before the day is over.

As such, there are some bands I love because they’re just straight-up negative. These acts are vicious, misanthropic, and rotten to the core, and I believe in that. The example that immediately comes to mind is Carpathian Forest–if Nattefrost & Co. wrote a song about how we need to strive to be better every day, and how what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, I’d be super turned off of them. That’s not to say those dudes are bad people, but the band itself thrives in part on its overwhelming negativity.

So, you tell us: which bands do you like BECAUSE they’re so negative? What acts or artists help you exorcise the unfair downer in your soul with their negative sound? Who would break your heart if they suddenly started giving a shit about breaking your heart?

Let us know in the comments section. Excited to see who you pick.

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