Guitarist Phil Demmel Isn’t “Allowed” To Do Press for Machine Head


Besides frontman Robb Flynn, Phil Demmel might be Machine Head’s most recognizable member. The guitarist and backing vocalist is definitely known among members of the metal community, even if it’s sometimes for occasionally passing out onstage.

So it’s…interesting that Demmel tweeted the following this morning:

The PRP reports that in an Instagram post that’s since been deleted, Demmel clarified that a) he posted this to publicly respond to the many press inquiries he’s received, and that b) this policy has long been in place within Machine Head.

Which piques our interest mightily. Because if Demmel were the kind of political firebrand or inappropriate loudmouth who everyone wished would just shut up and play, we’d have posted about him by now. Because that’s how we pay the bills at MetalSucks–talking about metalhead dicks who say dumb shit.

Then again, maybe we’ve never posted about it BECAUSE Machine Head’s been careful to keep Phil from doing press. If the policy has been in place for a while, maybe it means we’ve just never been given a chance to go off on a rant that makes everyone cringe.

So, why is Phil not allowed to do press? Is he insulting? Longwinded? Do his politics not jive with those of Robb Flynn? Is he actually an emo kid who goes on long tirades about the women who broke his heart? Or does he maybe just not want to? What if Demmel’s one of those guys who just gives monosyllabic responses in interviews, because he’s just here to shred?

Feel free to speculate below. In the meantime, let me tell you about my long-standing political bias against [Emperor Rhombus is no longer allowed to do press for MetalSucks.Vince]

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