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Christian Fundamentalist Group Tries to Use Cattle Decapitation Album Art as Propaganda, Gets Slammed by Travis Ryan Instead


So there’s a Facebook group called True Biblical Christians, which is exactly what you think it is, only weirder: without a trace of irony, they’ve published posts condemning Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj as “jezebels,” but they’ve also created memes likening themselves to the titular hero from John Wick and the Joker, neither of whom, I’m guessing, would pass Jesus’ Cool Test. I mean, maybe when Mr. Christ said “turn the other cheek,” He meant “murder scores and scores of people,” but that’s never really been my interpretation of His comments.

ANYWAY, I mention it because in a post which appears to have since been (wisely) deleted, True Biblical Christians made an anti-evolution argument… using the cover of Cattle Decapitation’s 2012 album, Monolith of Inhumanity:

There are a lot of reasons why this meme is ridiculous besides just the fact that it denies the existence of science. For one thing, even if you had no idea who Cattle Decap are, you should pick up on the fact that the art is a riff on 2001: A Space Odyssey, a movie which posits a connection between biological and technological evolution, and which was made by a Jewish guy from the Bronx. But for another thing, if you took three seconds to Google ‘Cattle Decapitation,’ you’d realize that the band is staunchly anti-Christian, as denoted by the lyrics to songs like “Not Suitable for Life” (which contains the phrase “God damn your religions”), “Unintelligent Design” (“Your ‘good book’ castrates instinct, a fairy tale glorified”), and “The Gardeners of Eden” (“God damned this world that is if ‘god’ exists/ God hates this world left his ‘son’ tied to a stick?”), sure, but also just by song titles like “Christ on Crack” and “Priest of Ass.” It just doesn’t really make any sense for this particular Facebook group to in any way associate themselves with this particular piece of art.

Drolly, the group’s lack of good sense didn’t go unnoticed by Cattle Decap frontman Travis Ryan:

So that’s pretty funny.

Tune in next week, when True Biblical Christians somehow figure out a way to mistake Glen Benton and Nergal for friends of their cause. Should be a good time.

Thanks: Corey M.

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