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Hate Eternal Announce New Album, Debut First Single

Art by Eliran Kantor

Time to break out the ol’ neck brace: Erik Rutan’s Hate Eternal have announced that they’ll release a new album, Upon Desolate Sands, on October 26. That means that if you’re not careful, you could wind up in traction through the holidays. Think I’m exaggerating? Then I assume you don’t know Hate Eternal. I advise you to listen to Sands‘ first single, “What Lies Beyond”… but maybe strap on a bike helmet and seatbelt first. This is some capital-E Evil, capital-H Heavy shit; it alternately sounds like a rhino barrel rolling down a very steep and rocky hill and the most malicious Looney Tunes music ever composed.

This, this, is why Rutan is — or should be — a hero to us all: unlike some famous metal musicians, he never seems to run out of good ideas, he never makes any ill-advised attempts at switching genres, and 20+ years into his run and he’s shown no signs of getting lame. He makes almost all of his peers look bad by comparison. Metal fans should be murdering one another for the privilege of bringing him his coffee. I personally aspire to someday be deemed worthy to give Mr. Rutan a footrub.

Listen to “What Lies Beyond” below, then go pre-order Upon Desolate Sands. It’s a safe bet that you’ll need to make room for it on your Best of 2018 list, too.

Thanks: Ranpal C.

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