Clutch’s “In Walks Barbarella” is Another Trippy, Fun Video


Clutch are on a roll with music videos from their forthcoming new album, Book of Bad Decisions. The video for “Hot Bottom Feeder” was a literal cooking instructional show for the band’s own Maryland crab cakes recipe, accompanying the song’s lyrics of the same. And now, with “In Walks Barbarella,” Clutch take a journey into a Twilight Zone-like space halfway between reality and the surreal.

The clip features two stories in one, drawn up in comic book style with (thankfully) lyrics flashing on the screen. In one storyline, a man lectures his son about recent bad behavior, repeating that oft-uttered dad line that he, too, was a troublemaker at the young boy’s age. Then things flash back a couple of decades — to those alleged troublemaker years, perhaps? — and there’s a storyline about a badass heroine named Barbarella who wields a ray gun and carries out various hijinks with the man who’s the boys father. I’m not sure quite sure what the overall point is, but it’s a fun watch! And the song itself a funkly blast of good times complete with a full horn section.

Book of Bad Decisions comes out September 7th; pre-order here. The band has an upcoming tour with Sevendust and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown; dates here.

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