Starkill’s New Song “Until We Fall” is Perfectly Fine


On first glance when I saw that Starkill have a new song out I confused them with Starset, the hard rock band whose defining trait in my mind is that they sell Starset-branded gas masks at their merch table.

Right right, no, not Starset… Starkill! This is the band that is a perfectly fine, slightly more symphonic version of Children of Bodom-meets-Trivium. I like those bands just fine, and I like Starkill just fine… but, much like my pal Axl they’ve just never excited me a whole ton.

So how do we feel about “Until We Fall”? Well, it’s pretty good! It doesn’t make me feel like rushing to my calendar to put a circle around the release date of their upcoming album (which hasn’t even been announced yet), but if it came on the radio I most likely wouldn’t change the station. It’s… fine! The guitar solo is quite tasty. And the animated video, created by Davide Cilloni at Eklipse Media, is rad as hell, though.

Check it below. New albums details, the band promises, are coming soon.

[via The PRP]

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