Get Sp00ky With Haunt’s New Song “Ghosts”


In fervent NWOBHM spirit, Haunt have dropped a new track called “Ghosts” via Decibel for your nostalgic enjoyment. While the California-based band were still a few decades from existence during the peak of the movement, they’ve brilliantly captured the character that made the classic metal greats so much fun to listen to.

This old-school shredder is clearly inspired by the greatest metal band on earth Iron Maiden, plowing forward with a distinct gallop and other Maiden-esque motifs sprinkled throughout the song. “Ghosts” takes all of the amazing ideas from classic metal and gives them a modern spin, so it’s a fresh listen even if you’ve heard everything the ’80s had to offer.

Listen to “Ghosts” below, and if you want a physical copy of Haunt’s blast into the past, order one of the exclusive Decibel Flexi discs here.  Last but not least, if the Decibel Metal and Beer Fest is on your radar (as it should be), make sure to catch Haunt on December 2nd in Los Angeles!

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