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Pig Destroyer Show off Their Lighter Side with “Mt. Skull”


I was literally sitting here working on my review of Pig Destroyer’s Head Cage when the press release for “Mt. Skull,” the latest single off the album, hit my inbox. J.R. Hayes’ ears must’ve been ringing or something.

ANYWAY, it’s hard to talk about the uncharacteristically-silly (in a good way!) video for “Mt. Skull,” which was directed by Joe Stakun, without spoiling the gag. It’s not spoiling anything, though, to tell you that song fucking rips. The section which begins around the 1:20 mark in the video (00:55 in the actual song), especially, will rip your head off, shit down your throat, wait ’til you shit out that shit, then feed the shit made from shit to your decapitated head. It’s that fucking good.

Check out “Mt. Skull” below. Head Cage comes out September 7 on Relapse! Pre-order it here.

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