Listen: New Tracks by Aborted, Monuments, Haken and Unleashed


I was about to get all angry about four new bands (on top of Soulfly and Warrel Dane, whose tracks we posted earlier today) released new songs today, the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Then I realized that none of them are American and promptly went back to the Stupid Ignorant ‘Murican hole from which I came.

Still, it’s a holiday weekend y’all, so while we don’t usually group together multiple new tracks like this in one post… sorry, this is what you get, ’cause there’s food to be eaten, alcohol to be dranken, family to be seenen and, most importantly, sleep to be fucking had. Maybe this format is even more convenient for you anyway.

So, here ya go: new ones from Aborted, Monuments, Haken and Unleashed. Usual snarky MS commentary, album release dates, tour listings and pre-order links withheld because the entire previous paragraph, and that shit takes time. Just enjoy the music, because all of these slap pretty fucking hard. Peace!

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