Video: Mid-Show Fight Erupts Between (Hed) p.e. Frontman and Venue Sound Guy

  • Axl Rosenberg

Fans who attended last night’s (Hed) p.e. show at 89th Street OKC in Oklahoma City, OK may have gotten more entertainment than they bargained for. MetalSucks reader Matt K., who was in attendance at the gig, tells us that the band came to a grinding halt in the middle of their set… so that vocalist Jared ‘Jahred’ Gomes could get into it with the venue’s sound dude.

According to Mr. K, the conflict arose out of issues Jahred seemed to be having his monitor. We’re told the vocalist repeatedly took time in-between songs to ask for his on-stage monitor to be turned up. Then things took a turn for the worse, with the sound guy reportedly telling Jahred to “fuck off” at a loud-enough volume for audience members to hear him. At that point, Jahred jumped off the stage, and this happened:

Somewhat amazingly — and very much to their credit — (Hed) p.e. finished the show and, Matt K. tells us, “somehow kept the crowd into it.” That’s such an impressively professional attitude that I’m not even gonna make any jokes about the band’s music. Good for them.

Meanwhile, the sound guy appeared to have quit moments after this confrontation. No word on who finished doing sound for the show, but we can assume that whomever he was, he didn’t mind turning up Jahred’s monitor.

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