Watch Dragonforce Guitarist Herman Li Shred Underwater


Last Thursday (September 6) on the Full Metal Cruise VII, Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li performed the first ever (and what he claims to be the last) underwater snorkeling guitar solo! Note the very important distinction that this isn’t the very first underwater guitar solo (Li achieved that back in 2015), it’s just the first that includes a breathing mask for assistance.

Admittedly, I thought Li’s performance was going to be more along the lines of this, although I’m not disappointed — any goofy feat like this automatically gets my seal of approval. Li commented on the performance:

“It’s not a trick that I have practiced for over a year. I tried it in my own pool at home, but that was a year ago, and I haven’t had a chance on this tour to practice it. And the idea came… You know, the underwater guitar solo was cool, but I didn’t play in the water long enough, because there’s only how long I can hold my breath for. So this time we’re gonna do an underwater snorkeling guitar solo, where I’ll play over a minute of a guitar solo in the water, breathing through a snorkel, with just my hands coming above the water, with my special customized waterproof guitar that Ibanez Custom Shop built for me.”

Check out the video below, then head over to Li’s Twitch channel where he’ll be giving away some of his personal Ibanez guitars and live-streaming recording sessions of the upcoming Dragonforce album.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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