Wolfheart’s Tuomas Saukkonen Shares His Favorite YouTube Drum Videos


Finnish melodic death metallers Wolfheart will release their new album Constellation Of The Black Light later this month. For a taste of what’s in store you’ll need to check out “Breakwater,” a fantastic song in its own right that’s one-upped by the mesmerizingly epic music video for the track, shot in Iceland (where else?).

To celebrate the album’s pending release, we asked guitarist/vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen to come up with a custom guest playlist for MetalSucks, and he came back with the idea of highlighting some of his favorite individual drum performances from YouTube, an unexpected direction but one that any guitarist who’s ever futzed around behind a drum kit can surely appreciate.

You can check out “Breakwater” below, and without any further ado we’ll hand you right over to Tuomas himself…

I am a full time guitarist and vocalist with drumming as a hobby but I have always been a lot more into drummers than guitar heroes. I dare to claim that I have seen at least most of the best drumming videos on YouTube and would like to share my all time top ten skin bashers, the backbones and beating hearts of their bands!

Phil Dubois – “Scorched Earth Policy” (Revocation)

This is a pretty cool song, and while the riffs etc. are not really my cup of tea the groove and the energy of the drums still amazes me. The fills starting at 2:00 are super innovative and overall this is a good example how a talented drummer can be like a freight train and push the entire song to a new level.

Rainer Tuomikanto – “Käteen” (Causemos)

I saw this video ages ago and was blown away by the speed and how ridiculously easy Rainer makes the song look. I never got anything out of the song since the live sound is shittier than a shit itself, and I never really had the urge to check out official track. But when I want to impress someone when we’re talking about drumming I always show this video first. I have had the honor of playing with this ninja in one of my previous bands (Before The Dawn) and this guy is a sleeve with two legs and only aces inside when it comes to drumming.

Krimh – “Negative”

Krimh has been one of my favorite drummers for a long time whose progress and amazing talent is backed up with relentless hard work. I saw his first videos over ten years ago. I picked his solo material instead of vast amount of videos him playing Septicflesh songs, etc. In this performance I hope you can hear what I hear when a drummer is also a guitar player and the composing and arrangement walk hand in hand like a just-married couple.

Gavin Harrison – “Sound of Muzak” (Porcupine Tree)

Not really a metal song… or a metal band… or a drummer… but I have a theory which I am confident is true: every time Gavin hits the snare in this clip an angel is born. Does not apply if somebody else if viewing. I don’t believe in angels but his sound is heavenly.

Random office guy drumming to Suffocation

The source of this list is YouTube… so I’ve got to include a YouTube classic. The face in 0:52 is the definition of intensity and the windmill cymbal muting just before that is like the God of thunder himself is hammering those poor pads. Never actually watched this through to the end but the first two minutes are still pure gold.

Aquiles Priester – “Symbolic” (Death)

Priester is more into power metal, which I am not, BUT I really love his style anyway. Strong groove and always ”in the pocket” with fills and stuff. Try to focus on his face instead of his drumming and picture him on the side of an ice hockey ring with a suit on. That intense coach facial expression while chewing 1kg of chewing gum in a day make his jaws equal to a pitbull when it comes to bite force.

Toni Lillman – “Almost Easy” (Avenged Sevenfold)

This is actually from ”pre-tube” times since I went to see a lot of gigs where Lillman played when I was a kid. Never liked the music he played but loved his style. Another drummer who plays like a diesel engine in a train! He’s got huge groove and makes even the shittiest song run on the tracks through the woods of mediocre intro, fields of boring verses and mountains of cheap choruses before making it to the station like a champ… LIKE A CHAMP. Sadly this awesome drummer and even more awesome but troubled gentleman is not with us anymore. RIP.

Wolfheart will release Constellation Of The Black Light on September 28th via Napalm Records; pre-order here

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