Corey Taylor Thinks™ He Will Be Focusing on Slipknot in 2019


Say, did you guys read Axl’s review of the Ozzy Osbourne solo show we went to the other night? Aside from Axl’s main gripe that Ozzy is just old to do much on stage, it was a lot of fun, and for reasons admittedly nostalgic we very much needed to go despite the very high ticket price. I’m glad we did.

Not mentioned in that review: Stone Sour’s opening set. It was quite good, and the first time I’d ever seen the band live save for three (ish?) songs at the Revolver Awards a few years back. After the show I remarked to Axl that these days I prefer Corey Taylor in Stone Sour over Slipknot; something about his stage presence in the former seems more genuine and indicative of where Corey is at musically these days. I have no doubt he’s still got plenty of love for Slipknot (as do I), but I wonder the extent to which he does it because he kinda has to.

Good news for Slipknot fans: according to a new interview, Corey Taylor thinks™ he’ll be spending his 2019 focusing on that band. This is consistent with previous statements from the band and its members, such as Corey himself saying studio time is booked for early 2019 and a post on the band Twitter account with the simple caption “2019.”

2019 isn’t even that far away at this point, so I hope you all are ready for endless updates about what Corey Taylor thinks ad infinitum throughout the year.

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